Irrigation equipment and solutions

Irrigation equipment and solutions

Sunny hose

The Lay-flat hose has been used for 30 years in many sectors as industry, agricolture and dewatering



Layflat hose is made of single layer PVC, reiforced with an high resistence polyester net according to the resistance class. The combination of these elements makes the Layflat very resistant and flexible. Layflat is very easy to to unwind and wind-in and reduces the warehousing volumes and set-up procedures. Main Layflat features are a strong torque resistance and small thermal expansion and it doesn’t changes its features even when cold water flows through it under the sun. the particular shape of the net along the pipe avoid any breakdown. An other important feature of this pipe is that machineries can step on the Layflat without bury it

It is the most popular one, appreciated for its performances and price. It’s ordinary used for the dewatering, even in emergency. It is a general purpose hose: temporary water supply, drainage, also drip-irrigation as distributor collectors.Very easy to punch in order to connect drip fittings

Stronger than the first one this hose is appropriate for ripetitive water drainage and moving. In agriculture is widely used to feed sprinklers distributed in solid-set and similar. Its greater thickness make it more resistant, extending its life

Very abrasion-resistant hose, with working pressure up to 10,5 bar. It’s commonly used for water drainage at open pit mining and civil engineering/dam construction sites in areas where water must be moved to significantly higher or lower elevations. It’s also used when strong pressured water needs to be moved over wide distances and for a long time

(*) = pressione di lavoro a 20°C / working pressure at 20°C.

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