Irrigation equipment and solutions

Irrigation equipment and solutions


Made in the USA, is one of the most known and appreciated Layflat hoses. The wide range of models and sizes makes it useful in a wide range of applications.



Layflat hose is made of single layer PVC, reiforced with an high resistence polyester net according to the resistance class. The combination of these elements makes the Layflat very resistant and flexible. Layflat is very easy to to unwind and wind-in and reduces the warehousing volumes and set-up procedures. Main Layflat features are a strong torque resistance and small thermal expansion and it doesn’t changes its features even when cold water flows through it under the sun. the particular shape of the net along the pipe avoid any breakdown. An other important feature of this pipe is that machineries can step on the Layflat without bury it.

Developed for irrigation purposes, has a triple rope textile texture. The two constituents are extruded and interwoven simultaneously, in order to have the highest cohesion possible.

It is recommended for various applications including supply water to sprinkler systems, pivot and transport of water.

(*) = pressione di lavoro a 20°C / working pressure at 20°C.

More technical information available in the documents attached.

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Sun-flow layflat


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