Irrigation equipment and solutions

Irrigation equipment and solutions


The Hydroplus drip-tape represents the top range of our production. It’s made with the best technology and its performance make it absolutely reliable over all respects for the duration of the irrigation season. The successful performance of Hydrplus is recognized and renewed by markets year after year.



Hydroplus  is built with a direct extrusion technique. The PE hose is made by the machine which simultaneously forms the inner tape and provides to mix them in the finished product. A laser cutting system performs the drilling of the emitter according to the predetermined step, the laser is aided by an infrared camera that identifies the exact point of the cut. A dimensional laser station performs all dimensional checks.

Hydroplus provides a uniform distribution of water and is suitable for the irrigation of a wide variety of crops, both in the open field and in greenhouses. Correct use of Hydroplus  improved farming techniques: -Higher efficiency and crop’s productivity  -Improved quality of the cultivated products -Improved irrigation efficiency thanks to distribution’s uniformity -Excellent construction variation coefficient -Lower consumption of water and energy -Reduces the development of weeds -Improves the use of chemicals for fertigation.

FILTRATION Water filtration is essensial for a correct operation of Hydroplus Is necessary to use a suitable filtration system which, depending on the type of irrigation water, can be comosed of: cyclone filters, fine-grained quartzite filters, disk filters, mesh filters. It is recommended a filtration of 150 mesh (100 micron). For further information on the most suitable system to install, please contact our technical department.

FERTIGATION Any chemical product used for fertigation may be used as long as water soluble. It is reccomended that the injector system is fitted into the line before the filtration. The intervention of skilled technicians is always always advisable. At the time of fertigation, before stopping the flow of water, make sure that the residues of chemicals and fertilizers have been completely eliminated.

FEATURES The current design of the maze of Hydroplus  drip-tape has a particular geometry which generate small turbulences in the maze itself, in order to facilitate the flow of micro elements that normally tend to accumulate on the corners, causing slowdown in the flow and, over the long term, the occlusion of the path of water. Many flexible hoses competitors use the standard system with the maze with parallel walls, in these cases the path of the water appears to be smooth and free from this peculiar “self-cleaning” function.

The new structure of the maze of Hydroplus allowed to get an optimal pressure drop also with very large conduits, this implies a better evacuation of the impurities, significantly increasing the diameter of the particles that can pass into the conduit.


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